Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Puppy & An Australian Walk Into A Bar...

So, y'know how I said I have a blind date this weekend? Well, it's more of a setup than a proper date -- my friend H. is bringing The Aussie with her to a social event so that the two of us can meet & hang out. It's nicer that way -- more low-key.

And y'know how I got that lovely email from The Puppy and mentioned in the comments that of course I'd write back and confessed to still harboring a secret hope that we'd start to be in touch again and things might be rekindled from there? Well, I did write him and we've since exchanged a few mildly flirty emails (which probably mean nothing more than we're both flirts. Just so you know that I know that.). And last night he asked me if I'd be at this thing this weekend, b/c he's going and it'd be nice if I "said hello."

The thing, of course, at which The Aussie & I are set to meet.

(Did I mention I haven't been in the same room with The Puppy in over two months?)

I feel two ways about this:
1) Like I'm going to throw up in my mouth a little bit.
2) Perhaps having two people to flirt with will take the pressure off any one interaction going well?

And to think two weeks ago I was more or less without prospects. I haven't even told you about The Longshot yet...


Roy said...

That might actually be my favorite way of meeting people (at social events with mutual friends). It's definitely more low-key. There's so much less pressure. I also like that you've got other people you know there who can help get conversation rolling, and who can rescue you if things go sour. Nobody has to lose face if you're not interested in each other, either. If you don't end up interested, you just spend more time with your friends. It's almost perfect.

Good luck flirting with both of them, by the way. I've got to say, I'd definitely end up feeling more like 1.
But, then... I get mildly stressed out just from flirting with two different people, even when they're not in the same room. Stick them both in place, and my head would very likely explode.

The Puppy, The Aussie, and now The Longshot?
Sounds like something is coming to pass...
Oh, I remember:
2) The predictions my friends made when Bob & I broke up will finally come true and I'll have to start fending off potential dates with some metaphorical form of a stick -- in other words, I'll have an abundance of appealing choices for dating & sex, enough so that I can be choosy.

ladyred said...

Maybe I am a genie after all!

Seriously though, I lived a moment like this in October, when I was juggling three prospects at once (though thankfully, none of them in the same room at the same time), and nothing really came to pass with any of them except The Man/Child. And we know how that turned out. So I'm not picking out my stick just yet. Though I'll admit it's a fun moment, regardless of what happens.

Oh, and Bob? 80% likely he'll be there in the same room this weekend, too.

Anonymous said...

longshot longshot longshot.
elaborate or bust!

roderick said...

Re: multiple prospects at the same gathering: Pretend you're in a sitcom, with a laugh track. If anything uncomfortable happens or is said, just imagine the mirth you would feel if it were happening on the small screen, and let yourself go...

ladyred said...

roderick, actually, this blog serves some of that purpose. If something goes badly or even strangely I immediately just start thinking about what I'll tell y'all about it and what you'll have to say!