Friday, December 29, 2006

Pretend I Am A Genie (Introducing the Friday List)

Back from my holiday travels and called The Charmer yesterday, and blessedly got his voicemail, on which I managed to leave a perfectly reasonable message. Now I know if he calls back he's at least got some basic interest in me. Did I mention how much I love the waiting? Love. It.

In the meantime, last week's I'm Fine Film Fest for Single Gals was so much fun I've decided to make it a weekly event: Introducing the Friday List. Today's topic is New Years related, since there it is, looming at us only two days from now. (My current plan? I'm trying to find out what party The Puppy will be at and get myself invited. I agreed to play it cool until January, and it'll be January at that party...)

I'm not a big believer in resolutions, but I do believe in speaking desires and intentions out loud in order to give the universe the chance to help you out with them. So, pretend I am a genie and can grant you three wishes for your love/dating/sex/romance life for 2007. What are hoping for in the new year? Extra credit if you can state them as facts instead of requests -- more power lies that way.

I'll start:

1) I will come out to my parents about the whole "flexisexual" business and they will surprise me with their generous love and understanding.

2) The predictions my friends made when Bob & I broke up will finally come true and I'll have to start fending off potential dates with some metaphorical form of a stick -- in other words, I'll have an abundance of appealing choices for dating & sex, enough so that I can be choosy.

3) At least once in 2007 I'll get emotionally involved with someone in a healthy, meaningful, ongoing way, for at least three months, and if we're not still together at the end of the year, we'll both feel good with that.

OK -- your turn...


Roy said...

1. I will recognize that I'm a "good catch" for myriad reasons, and that there's no reason for me to be as insecure as I currently am.

2. Following 1, I will be more social, and in doing so, will meet someone interesting who appreciates what a "good catch" I am, and we will enjoy lovely dinners together.

3. I will not regret getting out of an unhappy relationship just because I'm feeling a little lonely or because I'm having rotten luck with dating right now.

Karen said...

1. I will be more patient with my partner regarding his frustrating situation. I will not take his anger - or anyone's - personally.

2. I will make my needs known to my partner (and others) and they will therefore be met. I will not expect others to intuit or anticipate my needs when I have not communicated them.

3. I will use that big bag of toys under my bed more often with and without my partner.

Roy said...

karen: your #2 is fantastic! Can I make that my #4?

ruby said...

oh my gawd, what a fantastic idea for a list. this feels like a perfect exercise for me right now, as i'm thinking hard about and making so many changes in my dating life. thanks for the prod to articulate my three wishes!

1. i will make better choices, based less on superficial, momentary attractions and more on great conversation, smarts, common interests/politics, and sweetness.

2. i will pursue crushes on and entanglements only with people who are interested in being crushed out on/entangled with me.

3. i will embrace the fact that i do want and am ready for some configuration of actual partnership, and come to really, truly believe that this desire doesn't make me weak, dependent, bridget-jones-like, a stereotypical girl, or anything else contrary to my personality and values.

ladygreen said...

1. put true heart wishes out to the universe a la blogger of "postcards from guyville" and be open to them actually coming true, in the meantime happily believing that i deserve said wishes. am wishing the universe would bring me hot sweet smart loyal amaaaazing butch crush. pronto.
2. keep it Real with friends-family-boss. always. putting. my. needs. out. there. always. maintaining my boundaries and mind-body-spirit health.
3. letting myself stop at "good enough"---leaving the Drive to Perfection to my early 20's. newly in my late 20's, i will accept all my messiness and quirks, also surrendering to what life brings. not being such such such a controle freak and so tentative. i will focus on letting go letting flow (a la the girly film "something new").

ladyred said...

Oh, fine, I go for wish fulfillment and everyone else takes the harder self-improvement road!

Seriously, these are inspiring. I'm going to pretend I am a genie and make them all come true.

And then I'm going to modify my own list to include "Stop imagining I can control the universe and instead open myself to its many blessings, even when they are not the ones I wished for." Like, for example, all of you.

ruby said...

um, ladyred, #1 on your list *is* the harder, self-improvement road. for reals.

Jennifer R said...

Well, I'm resolved to be guy-free until a ugly family situation ends, so that's where my goals go.

1. I will stop pining after Unattainable Famous Guy that I currently pretend is my substitute fantasy boyfriend, because I am worried that I'll start to act like one of those moronic girls out of Bye Bye Birdie. Instead, if one must have fantasy material, it must be after real life guys that I can't have either. (hah.)

2. I will remain happy to be single and not look for some guy to rescue me.

3. I will remember that my life is not at all condusive to a romantic partnership at this point in time, and even if I meet a decent prospect, I will not hop into a relationship with him because it's been years and I'm horny. I will befriend him instead until my personal life is less of a trainwreck.

(Depressing, yeah, but in all good conscience I can't ask for a guy this year.)