Tuesday, October 24, 2006

To Review:

-One ridonculously great date with an awesome, cute, smart guy who played me Helen Reddy and went down on me better than most of the women I've been with. (Oh, right. You don't know about him yet. He masterfully took my re-virginity, but then abruptly disappeared in response to an ultimatum from another woman. Alas. We hope that he'll someday re-appear.)

-Two dates with a guy who is funny and interesting and smart and weird (and a trained chef!) and, while not truly handsome, is not homely to be sure. And was pretty fun in bed. But who plays Grand Theft Auto and subscribes to Playboy and apologizes for everything including kissing me.

-One date with a genuinely cute guy who is smart and politically engaged but seems to lack passion or nuance or personal drive (or a decent gender analysis), and might be, in fact, kinda boring. But the jury's still out. We're seeing him again soon, if we can manage to focus on how cute he is and not how uninspiring.

-One date with a guy about whom the only nice thing I can say is that he seemed benign.

At this rate, The Genuine Asshole is next. Buckle up, boys and girls.


Anonymous said...

your experience sounds very similar to mine. after dating a lot of girls in high school and spending most of my time in queer-centric organizations I realized I was just as into guys and kind of swung that way to a large extent. I then went internet-dating crazy (Nerve, Craigslist, the works) and went on many many many many dates and slept with about 10 different dudes in less than a year. dating blitzes are always interesting but not always productive, though I am now engaged to a guy I met online.

ladyred said...

Yes, INTERESTING is what I would call it so far. I'm trying to treat it as a social experiment, so I don't take it to seriously. Makes the bad shit easier when I can think, "how fascinating!" But it's definitely starting to wear on me.