Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I Don't Want to Think About Boys This Week

I know, that makes me a lame blogger. But I don't. Just for a week. I want to think about friends and politics and work and fresh food from the farmer's market and the book I'm reading (Suzan-Lori Parks' 365 Days, 365 Plays) and going out into the sun for a walk and starting my next creative project and watching Sherrybaby and Ugly Betty and basically nothing that I can post in this here fine blog without being way off topic.

So let's call this an open thread, shall we? Talk amongst yourselves. I'll be back with a Friday List and write you lots (or at least, some) about boys next week. Promise.


flavia said...

Have you (or anybody) read any Iris Murdoch? I'm almost finished with "Jackson's Dilemma" and I'm still not sure whether I'm enjoying it or not. Not a good sign for a book. Thoughts?

Roy said...

While I generally agree that it's not a good sign, it depends on why you're not sure if you're enjoying it.

The first time I read The Stranger, I couldn't decide if I liked it. I realized that there were two things going on. On the one hand, I like the prose, and I find the story fascinating. On the other hand, I found the narrator completely unlikeable, and I disagree almost completely with "the point" as I understand it. After reading it again, I realized that I really did like it (quite a bit, actually), but that my conflicting emotions about the story and the premise made it hard to tell at first.

Since this is an open thread:
I have to say that I'm completely shocked. I just "discovered" the Kaiser Chiefs. I routinely "discover" bands that I ought to have heard of years and years ago (I just started listening to The Clash about a year and a half/two years ago, and first heard the X-Ray Spex last year), and when I heard "I Predict a Riot," I honestly figured that they were from the mid/late 70s. Imagine my surprise when I learned that they were, in fact, from 2005.

Yeah, I'm really on top of my music. *sigh*

ruby said...

i've never read any iris murdoch. but i have long felt that i should.

i'm a pretty opinionated person, usually i know right away if i'm liking something or not. doesn't mean my opinion won't change over time, or that i can think a book is a great achievement, or incredibly valuable/thought-provoking but still not enjoy the experience of reading it (or vice versa--know a book is bad and i will retain nothing from it but still have a lovely time reading it).

i had the same experience as roy with cornershop. some of the stuff i'm loving came out almost 10 years ago, how did i miss this?

but lately i have been completely obsessed (obsessed!!!) with pete yorn.

and i am sorry to say i have never heard of the kaiser chiefs. obviously i'm really on top of my music as well.

Roy said...

Yeah, I'm terrible when it comes to music. I'm constantly behind the latest trends.

Um. Apparently, several decades behind, sometimes.

I'm not super familiar with the Kaiser Chiefs yet, but "I predict a Riot" was pretty cool.

Back to books for a second:
You know what I hate more than starting a book and not knowing how I feel about it? Starting a book and being really excited about it, only to find that the last chapter or two is/are really terrible.

I can deal with not being able to quite nail down my feelings on an entire book, but to really enjoy a book but have the final act turn to garbage? So frustrating.

greenyQ said...

hey ladyred,
can't wait til you're back in the boy-seeking saddle. personally i'm interested in the upcoming set-up/blind-dates coming your way. anyone else out there have hot tips from the Blind Date Trenches? (ooooh didn't our very own ladyred say she'd test out our theories, tips, and suggestions? inspiredly yours, greenyQ

flavia said...

My latest music "discoveries" are Ray LaMontagne and Patty Griffin. I try just to enjoy the discovery and not think about what a jennie come lately I am.

As for Iris, well, I'm enjoying the prose, but I don't entirely understand the motivations of the characters. Plus, the whole plot is a little melodramatic, and oh so British (not necessarily bad). But this woman clearly owes a debt to Austen. I dunno. . .still not quite done with it.

Jennifer said...

Yea, me neither, Ladyred. Men really don't know how to communicate or just aren't "wired" that way or some such shit. I'm leaning towards the ladies this week and there's a lesbo party on Friday night, lucky me!! Hopefully ;-)